Monday, June 6, 2011

No Crybabies...

Our Campaign Motto: "NO CRYBABIES"
We have gone from a society of determined, hard-working citizens to a culture of complainers, "crybabies" and people with their hands out who whine or protest when they don't get what they want instead of dealing with the realities of life and taking personal responsibility for what they have (or don't have). Too many people are willing to perceive themselves as some sort of "victim" and feel that the government owes them a "remedy" due to their victim status. This goes against the principles America was founded upon and until we bring back etermination and a sense of responsibility for one's own condition, our society will continue to self-destruct.

Michael J. Wozniak - Retired
Former Candidate for Governor of the State of California Special Election, October 7, 2003

Member Native Sons of the Golden West


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