Sunday, September 7, 2014

Right now, I have a 52 year old car that I'm driving to vintage car shows (1959 Edsel Ranger parked out at Mom's) and a 29 year old car that I just can't release, as I wanted it as soon as I saw it and the story of acquisition is historic (83 Porsche 944 also parked out at Mom's) and my daily driver right now is a 27 year old car (1986 Cadillac Sedan de Ville parked out in front) and when I need to carry things, it's my truck & trailer (2003 Ford F-150 HD 100th anniversary commemorative & Logan motorcycle trailer, truck out front and trailer parked out at Mom's). I still have the "Breadtruck" and it's "non-op'd" and a 24 foot Wilderness trailer parked out there too (to sleep in as my little cottage out there is filled to the brim with "stuff".)

With ten motorcycles registered and insured as well, my insurance bill and vehicle registration costs might actually be able to buy you one of those cars, although probably not the Audi R8 which goes for about $125,000.00 or so, but maybe the Lotus? Anyway, I'm living the life of a Spartan these days to just be able to keep what I have, as I have fully retired from all of my "retirement" jobs and now just the maintenance costs must be covered by my "less-than-adequate" retirement pension.

So, I'm glad that I got everything I wanted (or needed) in the past and now, it's the next twenty years or so of just basking in whatever accomplishment I've been able to attain.

Oh yeah, by the way, we've learned that the Quail Lodge Motorcycle Gathering will be once again held at Quail Lodge (yeah, how about that?) May 4th (setup) and 5th (show day) 2012. We will once-again be trying to get in and show off our American Sport Bike Night motorcycles. We hope to be able to include you.

Thanks for the race,


This post was scheduled for publication in April 2014

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